November 19, 2022

L-Ergothioneine: The Longevity Vitamin

Do you pick out the mushrooms from any dish they happen to sneak their way into or do you add them to as many things as you can? If you’re in the former group, you […]
November 12, 2022
woman making a heart with hands over stomach

A Quick Guide to Digestive Enzymes

Food intolerance? IBS? Cramps, bloating, & gas? You’re certainly not alone if you suffer from any of these ailments. While there are many possible reasons for each of the above problems, there is one, in […]
October 29, 2022
vitamin pills

Vitamin Cheat Sheet

Back when I first started exploring supplements, I had so many questions. How do I know what supplements are good? When do I take this? Should I take that with food? Which ones should I […]
October 22, 2022
5-htp bottle

5-HTP: What is it and what is it used for?

Low levels of serotonin are thought to contribute to a wide range of both mental and physical problems. These can range anywhere from mood to sleep and even appetite. Naturally, the question is then how […]
October 15, 2022
anti-inflammatory foods

Fighting Inflammation with Diet

Inflamed, in pain and drained… is this you? Considering over 125 million Americans are living with chronic conditions, it wouldn’t be surprising if the answer is yes. Many don’t have a full grasp of the […]
October 8, 2022
red meat

Top Benefits to Eating Meat

This may be controversial…But I have to say it…I am proudly a carnivore!Here’s why.Plant protein is simply not as good as animal protein.Some may say, “Shawn, I’ve seen the studies. Meat causes heart disease and […]
September 24, 2022

Extended Fasting 101

The idea of not eating for multiple days in a row may seem overwhelming or even extreme to some. But when done safely and with a plan, extended fasting can be a great tool to […]
September 17, 2022
man swinging ropes at gym

L-Baiba the magic exercise pill?

Exercise in a pill? Sounds ridiculous, or at least too good to be true, right? It’s something we all hope for and that “simple” solution is promised by countless gurus and companies but it’s not […]
September 10, 2022

Depression Doesn’t Fit a Mold

What do you think suicidal looks like? It’s not always what you may think. People don’t walk around with it written on their forehead. There is no one face to this issue or one way […]
August 27, 2022

6 Ingredients to Increase Your Energy

Did you know that nearly 2 out of every 3 Americans rarely wake up energized and rested? This means 65% of you suffer from brain fog, body aches, poor concentration, low energy and along with […]
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