Biohack Your Way to Peak Performance

Biohack Your Way to Peak Performance

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Who is
Shawn Wells?

I suffered from countless issues including chronic pain, auto-immunity & depression that led me to becoming a biochemist, dietitian & sports nutritionist who is now thriving. I want to help you with what I’ve learned to optimize your health & longevity, reduce pain and live your best life through biohacking.

Who is
Shawn Wells?

Shawn is passionate about empowering people to optimize their performance.
He understands feeling lost and overwhelmed in a sea of information, which is why he’s here to help you take your health back into your own hands.



  • Fox News, Dallas
    "A leading voice in the world of nutrition and fitness"
    Fox News, Dallas
  • Ben Greenfield

    "Shawn is a "rainmaker" in supplements. He's known all over the world as the best of the best, with all aspects of supplements, but he's truly groundbreaking with novel ingredients that the world has never seen."

    Ben Greenfield
  • Dr. Felipe Donatto, PhD

    "I am the premier Brazilian Sport Nutritionist and I can say that Shawn Wells is not only a great person and the best supplement formulator in the world, because he can connect complex science with application and he delivers the best products with the best ingredients."

    Dr. Felipe Donatto, PhD
  • Josh Bezoni

    "Shawn Wells is the LeBron James of supplement formulating."

    Josh Bezoni
  • Dr. Jacob Wilson

    "Shawn Wells is quite simply the World's Greatest Formulator. Period. If you want the best... It starts and ends with him."

    Dr. Jacob Wilson
  • James Sol Radina, BioCBD+ Founder.

    "A wizard guide when it comes to IP protection and increasing the value of our company through patent knowledge and clinical trial expertise."

    James Sol Radina, BioCBD+ Founder.
  • Dr. Elena Gross

    "Shawn has an unquenchable thirst for research. He's a luminary that lights the way into a bright future of innovation and novel science in ingredients."

    Dr. Elena Gross
  • Ben Pakulski

    "Shawn is 100% a badass when it comes to supplements. When I want to learn the truth about performance supplements, nootropics and cutting edge ingredients no one even comes close!"

    Ben Pakulski
  • Dr. Ashley E. Holly, Myogin, LLC.

    Remarkable Brilliance. Bio-innovator. Science Legend.

    Dr. Ashley E. Holly, Myogin, LLC.
  •  Dr. Michael DiMarco


    "Shawn is not only one of the smartest humans I have ever met, he is also one of the most thoughtful and caring.  Our body is our temple and when I want to know what I should be doing so it can perform it’s best, Shawn is the number one person I trust." 

    Dr. Michael DiMarco

Upcoming Events

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5 September | Whole Day

BioHack Event #1

5 September | Whole Day

BioHack Event #1

5 September | Whole Day

BioHack Event #1

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