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#FastingChallenge Discounts and giveaways


what’s up for grabs?

What started off as a personal fast, has grown to become a community-wide movement with over 100 top influencers and brands all getting involved. I love the way the community can team up and make our voices louder by simply sharing our message.

For this Fasting Challenge, I will be fasting for 72-hours beginning February 16th to February 19th, 2020. I want as many people to join me on this fast, to make the process easier! I like to have some form of accountability and the best way to do that is to gather a tribe to join me.

So, are you in?

We have teamed up with some of the hottest brands in the keto, paleo, fasting, biohacking, health and fitness spaces to bring you some INCREDIBLE prizes.

By simply sharing and participating in the #fastingchallenge you could win!



2 Tickets to Health Optimisation Summit 2020

2 Tickets to Ketocon 2020

2 Tickets to Paleo f(x) 2020

2 Tickets to Fitcon 2020



Wavi – Free EEG brain scan (at either KetoCon, Paleo f(x), HOS or Upgrade Conference)

KetoCoach – Free Ketone Monitor + strips

Cristina Wise (@thecastawaykitchen) – Signed copy of Made Whole & Signed Copy of Made Simple (±$100 value each)

Memento – 6 months’ supply of Cognitive Creamers

Redmond Real Salt – Real Salt Salty Box with TONS of goodies

Pique Tea – Maximum Fasting Bundle

Primal Kitchen – The Ultimate Starter Box

Marigold – 2 bags of Fat Bombs as prizes

KetoKrate – 2 x KetoKrates for winners

Visionary Foods– 2 x Nutola Granola Bags & Keto Cookies

The Keto Cookie – 4 dozen Keto Cookies (a 6 pack of each flavor)

BioTrust – Health Optimizing Box with a variety of their products

Fasting Challenge


How to WIN

  1. Be positive, kind, and loving to our tribe.
  2. Share @zonehalo #fastingchallenge posts and stories
  3. Share your own posts, stories, IGTV with your progress using #fastingchallenge, @zonehalo and tag your friends
  4. Follow the people in the challenge, the companies supporting us using their handles
  5. Be active in the Life Fasting Tracker! Share your progress and interact!
  6. Share your journey!
  7. Follow #fastingchallenge, this is a great way to see how you can share, and your chances to WIN!


In addition to the prizes, we have some amazing discount codes that everyone can access.



Pique Tea  – You can get 10% off the ultimate fasting bundle

Visionary Foodsfastingchallenge for 20% off

KetoKrateSHAWN $10 off your first KetoKrate

Marigoldzonehalo10 for 10% discount

MementoSHAWN for 20% discount

The Keto CookieZONEHALO for 20% off

FitConSHAWN for $50 off

Redmond Real SaltShawnFastingChallenge for 15% off

BioTrust – FAST25 for 25% off


Once you have signed up for the fasting challenge, downloaded your free fasting guide and gathered some friends and family to join you on your fast, you are in the game!!!

SHARE your experience using the hashtag #fastingchallenge and tagging me, @zonehalo and as many of the brands involved as possible. I will be using the Life Fasting App to track the hours – take a screenshot each day and show me how you’re doing! An alternative app is the  Zero Fasting App.

We’re on this journey together.


Who’s fasting with me?

Want to know who’s a part of the tribe?

Fasting Challenge

… and loads more!

? If you have any questions about the upcoming 72-hour fasting challenge, you can reach me on IG: @zonehalo. Remember, you can go for as long as you feel comfortable – there are no hard and fast rules.

Don’t forget to download your free fasting guide here! You’ll find plenty of information on fasting and some useful Tools & Techniques to get you started, including supplement recommendations, useful apps as well as a 3-day morning and evening routine guide you can download and print. ?

Important: Should you have any pre-existing medical conditions or a history of any eating disorders, please consult your medical doctor before starting any sort of fasting protocol. Fasting can be a significant stress on the body, and so making sure you’re ready for it, mentally and physically, is very important.

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